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TPAC HPC Account Usage Guidelines


The SGI Altix facility is solely funded by the University of Tasmania. High performance computing is designed to enable compute and data intensive tasks. We are most interested in projects that expect to use large memory, multiple CPUs and large data sets. Thus, the projects that are most suitable for this facility are those that cannot be undertaken on normal departmental facilities (because of their size, specific software requirements) within the University or elsewhere.

Account Prerequisites

To obtain a TPAC HPC account you will need to be:

  • staff or student at the University of Tasmania
  • staff at the Australian Antarctic Division
  • staff at the CSIRO Marine Laboratories
  • or an approved affiliated body or organization
  • and have a valid research project which is suitable for the Altix system.

Non-University Members

Persons who are not members of the University of Tasmania will not automatically be provided with access to University services. To gain access, please fill out and return the forms listed below (UTAS ICT Services and Facilities Use Agreement and UTAS online account application).

Machine Information

The SGI Altix supercomputer is installed in the University of Tasmania Information Technology Resources Data Center located in Sandy Bay. The Altix machine is known on the network as katabatic.sf.utas.edu.au.

Appropriate Usage

Accounts are only to be used for approved projects for staff and students from the University of Tasmania, Australian Antarctic Division, CSIRO and other affiliated organizations. Commercial use is also allowed by prior arrangement. Approval for accounts and allocation of compute and storage resources is determined by the Management Committee where necessary.

Should compute resources become scarce, then the Management Committee reserves the right to change the priorities of projects. Higher priority will be given to those projects that were named as part of the original ARC LIEFP projects, to projects that can only be undertaken on this facility or attract income. The research results obtained through the use of this facility should be acknowledged in publications. Such acknowledgments help support the facility and its future funding.


Documentation is available on the TPAC website (http://www.tpac.org.au). User support is available from helpdesk@tpac.org.au.

Software Contract

The security and privacy of the system and its software provided as part of the HPC operating system is enforced continuously. The security is designed to prevent unauthorized access for those who do not have a valid user account code and approved user ID. Password
Users are not permitted to disclose their password. Users should create a strong password using a combination of digits, symbols and upper/lower case letters to avoid the use of easily guessable passwords. Unauthorized disclosure of the password will result in cancellation of the account.

Usage Monitoring

Usage will be monitored and variations from normal use patterns will be noted, and may be reported to University staff. Any indication of usage or requests for jobs that give rise to suspicion of illegal use of these facilities will be reported to Australian Government.

Remote Users

Access from outside the University Campus to this facility is generally unavailable. Where remote access is required must be informed of the specific remote hosts that will be used for access. Notes on Filling in the Project Details Section Estimated Resource Use: it helps the Management Committee and system administrators to manage the available resources and to plan for growth of the facility size. Give estimates for the duration of the project.


Check here if you have read the above information and agree to abide by the TPAC HPC usage guidelines set.

If you don't have a UTAS email account, student ID or staff ID, please do both of the following:

  1. Download, print and complete the UTAS ICT Services and Facilities Use Agreement PDF form, then
    fax or email along with a copy of some photo ID that includes name and birthdate to: fax (03) 6226 7171 OR email: helpdesk@tpac.org.au
  2. Fill in the UTAS online account application with 'helpdesk@tpac.org.au' as the Co-ordinator email address

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